Your empty hive box is a swarm magnet

Kirk's hive at Jock's place in Altadena died out this winter. Jock left the empty hive boxes out, and I think you know what happened next.

Jock writes:
This will amaze you...or at least it does me. This afternoon I was crawling around under some large flowering shrubs doing some weeding and clean up. I could hear some bees above me in the shrub's flowers, but the hum of the bees just kept getting louder and louder, so I crawled out to investigate.

To my surprise, there was a large swarm of bees all around the top of a medium size tree. At least a few thousand bees I think. As I watched, they did not seem to be congregating in the top of the tree as I thought they were going to do. Instead the swarm moved slowly (in mid air) to the east and began to descend around the old bee hive boxes. It seems as though as soon as they saw it, and a bunch of them checked it out, then that was going to be their new home.


Kirk adds his 2 cents to the story: