Check out this video that some USC students made about Kirk and Backwards Beekeeping.

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Classic Kirkobeeo quote:
I observed commercial beekeepers and the bees were dying and I noted down what they were doing and then I noticed the wild bees were flourishing and I noted what they were doing so I figured I’ll do what works and I just do what mother nature does.
Nice job Kirk!


Oregon beekeeper gets a swarm

Bill in Oregon, who first got in touch with us last month, has now expanded his skills.

Bill writes:
It's me again. I just caught my first swarm! Hurray!

The bees seem to be swarming a lot at the moment here in Oregon. We're finally getting some warm and dry weather. I actually got 2 calls from my Craigslist post in the one day, just 10 minutes apart. I also heard of a 3rd swarm as well but it had moved on.

Since I was really only looking for 1 swarm and the first one was easier to get to, I let someone else take the 2nd.

Lesson learned in this trip: put gloves on. Here's some video, stings and all.


You can see all of Bill's YouTube videos here.


Viewer mail: Swarm rescue with heavy equipment

A reader in Michigan writes:

I know that we are a long way from LA, but I have a story to tell that would not have happened without your blog. In the fall of 2010, we began investigating beekeeping. Your blog was one of the first I followed. I borrowed books from the library, my husband watched all the videos he could find.

In the winter of 2011, we ordered two packages of bees and beekeeping supplies. We felt that our chances of happening upon a wild swarm in west central Michigan were slim and we certainly weren't ready to open ourselves to removal of bees—we hadn't even kept bees.

Fast forward to this winter. We decided to order two more packages, one for my husband's mother and one for us in case we ended up with an empty hive. We checked on them went it warmed up and discovered we had two full hives survive a rather mild winter this year. We ordered more supplies so we would be ready, added more hive body pieces to our existing hives and were happily awaiting the arrival of our new bees.


Let's legalize beekeeping in LA!

Rob & Chelsea of HoneyLove.org want everyone to know about this event:


WHAT: Meeting about legalizing beekeeping @ LA City Councilman Rosendahl’s Office

WHEN: Thursday May 3rd @ 7pm

WHERE: WLANC Offices West L.A. Municipal Building
1645 Corinth Avenue (entrance on the West side of the building)
Los Angeles 90025
Google map

More event info on Facebook

Please contact us if you want to get involved!

Call: (424) 625-8BEE (8233)