Your bee rescue hotline at work: Silver Lake

Thomas in Silver Lake called the Bee Rescue Hotline about a nice little swarm hanging from a canvas canopy in front of his house.

First I gave them a few sprays of sugar water. Then I put a ladder underneath, set a nuc box on top of the ladder, and brushed the swarm gently to drop them onto the box.

Thomas' son found this all very interesting.

It took only a few minutes for the swarm to move into the box and start fanning to show the hive where the new home was.


Next meeting: Sunday, February 24

The next meeting of the Backwards Beekeepers is scheduled!

Sunday, February 24

Citibank, Silver Lake branch
2450 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles 90039

As usual, everyone is welcome to the meetings, especially those who are new to beekeeping. Here's what we plan to talk about:
  • All about your bees' spring honey
  • Recognizing important bee-friendly plants
  • Bee Rescuer qualification updates
  • Questions from new beekeepers

This is our first meeting in this space. Bring something to eat or drink that you can share.

See you there!


Feral Honey dinner at canelé restaurant tomorrow

I'm going to be cooking a local honey-themed dinner tomorrow (2/19) night at canelé restaurant in Atwater Village. It should be fun and tasty. Check out the menu here and come on down if it sounds like fun - I'd love to see you!