Warren helps a beekeeper-to-be

Aspiring beekeeper Stan called the Bee Rescue Hotline recently, and here's his follow-up story:
I spotted this swarm while I was working in my garden yesterday afternoon.We are cleaning the area because I want to get into beekeeping. Very ironic.

I saw one of your videos and decided that you guys are better than an exterminator. The guy who came out his name is Warren, really cool guy.

Warren came by and got himself suited up. First, he sprayed the hive with a little sugar water to distract the bees, which surprised me because I thought he would use smoke. But, as Warren explained to me later, the sugar water makes the bees to start grooming themselves.

Then he just reached up with a bucket and in they went, it was that easy and quick. He got about 95% of the bees.
The most awesome thing I've seen.

Ready to start my own bee keeping!!