Your Bee Rescue Hotline at work: Atwater Village

Lorraine in Atwater Village called the Bee Rescue Hotline about a hive living in a birdhouse on her front porch.

LA Backwards Beekeeper Nate, who took on the task with his dad RG, picks up the story:
We began to take the birdhouse apart. We started by opening the small door used to add bird seed and then we pried off the boards on the back. I used my knife and carefully cut off a piece of comb, put it in a frame, and placed it in my nuc. The birdhouse comb was so tall, that I had used up my 6 frames before I had taken off two layers of comb!

As best we could, we put the brood into the nuc and put any honey comb into a plastic bin. By the time we had removed all the comb bees had really started to gather on the front of the house. We had spotted the queen a couple times so we knew she was back there.

There's more at Nate's blog.