Roberta rescues a swarm and makes a family of beekeepers

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:
We got a Bee Rescue Hotline call from Lisa and her parents with a swarm in their kumquat tree. Three days ago they noticed a swarm in their trash can. When the bees first swarmed to the trash can, the family moved it to the street but the bees were determined to make Lisa's house their home.

Lisa saw the bees in the process of swarming and she described it as pretty impressive. She called the city and was referred to an exterminator. When her father found out, he was firm that they should be rescued. Lisa found us and when I arrived at about 6:45am everyone was up and ready to watch the swarm capture.

We started talking and they seemed to be very concerned about the bees so I asked if they had considered keeping them. Lisa and her father were immediately interested and she called her brothers to come over and help out.

We found a spot for the bees on the side of their house out of path of visitors. And even better, it isa right outside of a window so that they could watch them come-and-go from the hive.

While we were talking, John Torigoe from CNN came to document the swarm capture and see a family become beekeepers. Betty, another wonderful new Backwards Beekeeper, came to lend a hand. We shook the bees into the nuc and left it under the branch until most went into the box. John filmed interviews and got some great footage inside of the nuc.

I can't wait to see what John puts together about the Backwards Beekeepers. It was great working with Betty and now she is organizing her own cutout.


Jimmy (a family member) has more photos.