Max stars in a Kashi commercial

LA Backwards Beekeeper Max recently spent a day showing off her beekeeping skills in a Kashi commercial. From her blog:
Before the filming started, I met with the commercial beekeepers who had dropped off 10 frames of bees that had been split between two separate hives, so I could meet my buzzy co-stars in advance. Once they left, it was going to be up to me to wrangle the bugs. One of the beekeepers asked how I was treating for Varroa mites. When I told him that I don’t deal with mites, because I use small-cell feral bees that are naturally disease resistant, he looked at me gravely and said in his best ooga booga voice, “Oh, you’re using AFRICANIZED BEES.” Like I should be afraid. “Yeah, they’re so dangerous,” I said, without bothering to mention that my meanest hive are not as spazzy as the allegedly gentle bees he’d brought for the shoot.

The first shot of the day took place in the middle of a group of beehives that had been meticulously positioned by the art department in the center of a peach orchard in Ojai. The trees hadn’t flowered yet, but the wild mustard was in full bloom. It was gorgeous.

I’m A Beekeeper, And I Play One On T.V. (myromanapartment.com)