Your Bee Rescue Hotline at work: Alhambra

Backwards Beekeeper David saw Rob's message on the Bee Rescue Hotline and headed out to Alhambra.

David writes:
Checked out Rob's hive near early evening and found it interesting that this self-contained hive chose a box measuring 18" long x 12" high x 16" wide, similar dimensions to a Langstroth deep.

I opened the door to this previous live-animal trap box & discovered a good sized healthy colony w/ about 10 combs (newer white combs on south/north & yellow brood combs in middle), was getting crowded.

Due to time constraints decided just to remove box back to my mini apiary & cut out at a later date.

I reinforced w/ L-brackets as the hive door was loosely fastened. Duct taped holes & readied to duct tape entrance as sunset approached. Contingent of bees were congregating on upper opening (like bees do when box getting crowded) & when taped over were pissy & started pouring out of hole I couldn't quite seal.

In hindsight, I should have just taken away this 50 lb box w/o sealing entrance as just made 'em more defensive & they stung me round 10 times or more (still itching & smelling banana smell wafting in nostrils,lol).

It was getting late—I picked up box w/ bees in clumps on outside of box in places & put in trunk while few stung glove & arm. I drove to a friend's & sprayed water on clumps & placed on dolly & positioned on hive stand w/ opening facing east as positioned at their old Alhambra location.

I removed the offending duct tape on vent holes & entrance & w/ red flash light viewed many bees covering the front of the hive when I departed. Hopefully the curious recently interloping skunk will have second thoughts messing w/ this hive,lol. Will cut out this week when make more frames & deep boxes.

A Great BeeRescuing weekend, Cheers, David S. in San Gabriel Valley