Setting up a top bar hive

Backwards Beekeeper David writes:
Hi all - thanks to Kirk, I got a nuc on Sunday. I took it over to the house where I had set up a Top Bar Hive and left it there with some sugar water around and hoped they'd move into the hive. Today, I went back and suited up and cut them out of the frames and put them into the top bar hive. I'm posting some photos in a minute - one of my friends took stills and another video taped the whole thing.

I was amazed at how sticky everything got! I guess it was a no brainer, but when everything stuck to everything else, it was getting a little annoying. This group of bees was completely gentle and easy going. I don't think I need the whole suit and everything. Not one of us got stung or even seriously threatened...

Thanks to Kirk and everyone else for all their help! It was an awesome experience! What a thrill!


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