Kirk rescues some fancy bees

Among other bee errands, Kirk cut this hive out of a Beverly Hills water meter yesterday.


Ben (who borrowed a bee suit from Kirk so he could watch and help) sends this background to the story:

It all started about three weeks ago. I was taking some trash out to our alley and noticed a large number of bees buzzing around the alley behind our house. After looking around I noticed a large population of honey bees making themselves at home inside a water meter. We have a high fence and I heard somewhere that bees will not fly over tall fences, as silly as it sounded I went with it and left them to their own devices.

Hearing the news a few years about how bee hives were collapsing, I thought it'd be senseless to call the city or an exterminator to kill the creatures. As the days went by, my theory about bees not flying over fences was quickly shot down as numerous bees made themselves at home in our backyard garden. My plants were reaping the benefits of their presence, but unfortunately our dogs didn't take to kindly to these new visitors.

A few weeks back I read about Kirk and his bee rescue in the LA times and decided to look him up and see if he would give the hive a new home. I called him, he showed up and before I knew it I was in a bee suit getting up close and personal with 4-5 thousand bees. It was a thrilling experience and best of all Kirk was able to save most of the bees.