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Buddy in Echo Park writes:
Hey Kirk!

We're having a bee thing over here and was wondering if I could ask you some questions...

They seem to be swarming up and around the eaves of our house and going into a small attic space above a loft. There isn't any way to prevent them from going in there - there are just too many ways in... I was wondering if there were any ways to discourage them from setting up a happy home hive up there. Smoke? Bad music?


- Buddy

Kirk replies:
Smoking bees makes them eat honey—this in turn makes them calmer. I have many people write me thinking this makes them leave. It does not.

They don't like music, especially country music—and they don't like Republicans either. If they have just arrived recently it is hard to get them out. Once they are established you can remove the bees and the comb if you can get to them. You can't do a trap out if there are many ways to get in or out of the attic. You might have to call a exterminator if you don't want them to stay.