Bees from a shipping pallet

We ran a post on our Yahoo Group a little while ago from Aaron at Concord Farms, a mushroom grower near downtown LA. He had a shipping pallet at his business with a hive of bees living inside.

Backwards Beekeeper Roberta jumped at the opportunity, and she picks up the story:

Thought you might like some pictures from this great little hive from Concord Farms in Vernon. The pallet was delivered and in their storeroom with bees attached. The next day the room was filled with bees. The majority of the crew there wanted to burn the pallet and bees! Aaron, who called us, really wanted them to be safe. He also took the pictures.

I bought a couple new nucs to make sure this one went well. I used rubber bands and the pallet height is almost the same height as the medium frame so no cutting was needed. There were 5 combs, also perfect for the nuc.

I brought them home and put them in their new hive. They looked happy when I looked inside. I saw the queen on one of the frames so I'm hoping I might finally have a real colony!! I sure hope so 'cause I'm tired.... This will make attempt 9! And my queenless hive is starting to look smaller...