Your Bee Rescue Hotline at work: Saturday doubleheader!

Arlene, who delivers mail in the West Adams neighborhood, called the Bee Rescue Hotline today when she spotted a very small swarm on a wall along the sidewalk.

Amy and I headed over there and met neighbor Bertrand, who was kind enough to play the role of spokesmodel in this episode. He's a fan of bees.

That little swarm was just way too easy to catch, so we were glad to get another call—this time from Pasadena, where Tony had bees swarming outside his garage.

We sprayed the cluster with sugar water and brushed it into a nuc box.

Then we noticed that inside the garage were another several hundred bees, all flying around and buzzing loudly in a mess of confusion.

I called Kirk, who speculated that the bees had all swarmed together to the inside of the garage, then decided they didn't like it there and swarmed outside—unfortunately, not everyone got the message.

We cracked the side door open, and before long many of the bees had joined their friends inside the box.

We knew we were pretty much done when the whole end of the box was covered with fanning bees.

Bee bonanza!