Erik rescues some Public Television bees

Backwards Beekeeper Erik of Homegrown Evolution writes:
Beekeeper Phil called me this morning to say that there was a swarm in a tree at KCET. He arranged for me to meet the staff who hoisted me up in a fork lift (sorry no pictures of that moment, but needless to say, much easier than a ladder).

I sprayed the cluster with sugar water and held the nuc box up to them, but they were in no hurry to go in. Not wanting to keep staff member Raul waiting too long, I gave the bees a gentle bump and the majority of them went into the box--missed a few that were clinging to the other side of the branch, but I was able to give them another spray of sugar water and brushed most of them into the box.

Phil helped me get the nuc box into my car and I sped home. Gave Kirk a call and he hooked me up with new beekeeper Beth. Took the nuc to Beth's bee paradise in Mar Vista.

Thanks to Phil, Raul and KCET for making this happen.