Swarm goes to the vet.

Backwards Beekeeper Erik of Homegrown Evolution writes:
I got a call from our veterinarian in East Pasadena to tell me that there was a swarm near their office. When I got there the bees were in a mass on the ground in the parking lot of an adjacent abandoned office building.

It was a cinch to get them. I just put the nuc box on the ground next to them and opened the hole. They all crawled in to the amazement of myself and the vet office folks who came over to watch. I waited about an hour--there were still a few stragglers hanging out on the front of the box. I sprayed them with sugar water, scooped them up with a dust pan and tossed them in the box.

I taped up the box and rushed the bees home. We'll see if they take to their new digs. A big thanks to Kirk for being such a great teacher!