Working to legalize beekeeping in Santa Monica

Backwards Beekeeper Daniel Salisbury is a longtime bee rescuer and advocate for beekeeping. Now he's working to get beekeeping legalized in his home city of Santa Monica—and from there, we all hope, Los Angeles will follow.

The LA Times ran this profile on Daniel today:
Salisbury said that over the years, he has successfully relocated roughly 50 hives to San Luis Obispo. He kept hives for about a decade at his residence in a Santa Monica trailer park, until he got caught. "I didn't get cited," he said. "I just had to move the hives."

When he found out that city policy called for exterminating swarms of feral bees, he decided to fight for the little buzzers.

"Why would you exterminate these bees when farmers in rural areas are begging for beehives?" he wondered.

Repeal sought of Santa Monica beekeeping ban (LA Times)