Next Meeting: Sunday, April 25!

April Backwards Beekeepers Meeting:

When: Sunday, March 25 at 11am
Where: Under Spring outdoor space at Farmlab in downtown L.A.

Some of the things we'll talk about (we'll definitely add more):

  • How to become a backwards beekeeper
  • Legalizing beekeeping in LA
  • Swarm Catching/Bee Rescue Hotline
  • Bee Fever!
Things that we definitely won't talk about:
  • How to use chemicals
  • When to use chemicals
  • Dancing with the Stars
    Everyone is welcome, regardless of beekeeping experience (or lack thereof). Please spend a few minutes with this blog before you come - it may answer a lot of your questions.

    We'll also have Backwards Beekeepers t-shirts for sale. They cost $15 and are very fashionable.

    Farmlab Directions

    You want to follow the above directions most of the way, but park on Aurora and walk through the alley (under Spring) to the meeting.

    Check out this view to see what it looks like from the street.