Baldwin Hills: Tree trap-out and a possible new beekeeper

LA Backwards Beekeeper Yvonne writes:
Roberta and I were about ready to go home when we got another Bee Rescue Hotline call about a job a few blocks from my home.

Brad has a tree in the parkway with a bee hive in it. His gardener told him to screen them in and he did a pretty good job of that on his own. When we showed up, Brad has already jerry-rigged screen around the tree. The idea, though, was to try to save the bees. While we were there, we found out that the city has been there several times over the years but the bees always come back. Just another reason why it's important to try to do the job right!

Brad's daughters, the beautiful Laila and Mia Sol, came out to watch the entire operation. They were great students and loved watching the activity. They are going to make great beekeepers!

We started by taking the screen down and put up new screen to allow the bees to come out but not get back in. The final step was rigging up a box for the bees to return to. Luckily, we had brood comb from our Lakewood job. We put that in the box and the bees immediately starting flying in. While we were working, a lot of neighbors came by and we were able to educate several people.

Brad became very interested in having his own hive and is considering keeping these bees. After we were done, since I live a few blocks away, he brought his girls over to see my bee hive (and chickens)! Hopefully, we've made a new beekeeper!