Double trouble in Norwalk

Roland and Martina from Norwalk check out some comb.

LA Backwards Beekeeper Yvonne writes:
Roberta and I headed down to Norwalk this morning to help a family out with two different hives.

First up, we handled some bees that had taken up residence in a stucco fence. Recently, they had swarmed but there were still some bees in there. The best part of this job was that the family allowed us to take a sledgehammer to their wall! (They are planning on taking the fence down).

Roberta and I opened the wall and pulled out all of the honeycomb. There was no brood or queen, so we knew the hive was dwindling but we encouraged the family to remove the fence soon so another hive would not move in!

The family also had a tree hive. The city had twice patched the tree up with cement but the bees always found another way in. Roberta and I set up a trap-out. We'll check on them again in a few weeks!


One-way bee door.

Trap-out in place.