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Susan writes:

I am not on any social media sites, so just sending you RSVP for the June 26 meeting this way.

Am very excited to have got my first hive from a beekeeping friend in Garden Grove...(she removed a 3 year old feral hive from the floor of my son's tree house prior to demolition of a swimming pool in our backyard) so always wanted to get some of my own back!

I have been reading non-stop: your site, "The Idiot's Guide", and a book by Kim Flottum, "the Backyard Beekeeper"—which mentions NOT A WORD ABOUT CELL SIZE! But the latter book had some great exploded diagrams and photos and recipes for wax and honey use, so I got it too...

Now I know some about the "gurus" of beekeeping wisdom and the many philosophical strands, but think your position the strongest, from a biological perspective (my background is science and biology). Just got my smoker, suit, veil and hat yesterday from Brushy Mountain, and am sure I have my hive in a bad location. Won't be able to work around it and have any room to move and it could be in a sunnier East facing site. I had been worried more about secrecy, previously.

Anyway, I am anxious to hook up with the advocates on the 26th!

Manhattan Beach, CA