Los Angeles Bee Rescue Hotline

The volunteers of the Backwards Beekeepers save wild bees in the Los Angeles area and make new beekeepers through education and helpful guidance.

If you have a swarm that's easily reachable, or bees living in some easily accessible area (NOT a chimney), we may be able to help you. Please note that Backwards Beekeepers, its members and its founders cannot be responsible for any damage or injuries that may occur.

Before you call, please note: If you have bees in a chimney or any difficult-to-reach location, we probably cannot help you—you may want to call a professional. See below for suggested contacts.

We do not handle anything beyond honey bees. No wasps, hornets, bumblebees, ladybugs, termites, bedbugs or bugaboos. Please make sure you're calling about honey bees before arranging a visit from one of our hard-working rescuers. Click here for a visual comparison of different bee-like insects.

If you call, please make sure you tell us:
-Your name.
-A phone number that you will answer.
-Your specific city AND neighborhood.
-A description of the bees: Are they in a tree? How high? Do you know how long they've been there?

If a volunteer contacts you, they may ask to be reimbursed for the cost of travel to your location at a rate of $1/mile. No other charges are allowed.

BEE RESCUE HOTLINE: (213) 373-1104.
Please make sure you fit the criteria above before calling.

If you have bees that are more complicated to remove or if you need them gone in a hurry, you may want to contact one of the for-hire beekeepers listed below who will charge you for their services. They all specialize in live bee removal and do not use harmful chemicals. We cannot guarantee their work or their fees, but we've met them all and they seem to do honorable work.

The following businesses are NOT affiliated with the Backwards Beekeepers and WILL charge you for bee removal:

Industrious Folk Homestead
Warren Ontiveros
email Warren

Ventura Bee Rescue
Danny ter Haar
email Danny

Queen Bee Removal

Stealth Environmental

Please note: The Backwards Beekeepers are not affiliated with these for-profit businesses and cannot vouch for them. If anyone presents themselves to you as a member of the Backwards Beekeepers but turns out to be affiliated with a for-profit business, please call us at (213) 373-1104 to let us know.

If you would like to become a Bee Rescue Hotline Volunteer, or would like your bee rescue business listed above, please click here for info.