Hotline Guidelines (for rescuers)

Experienced bee handlers can join the Bee Rescue Hotline group to read about opportunities for bee rescues.

Here are the guidelines we operate under:

  • There are plenty of bees and plenty of calls to go around; please be considerate to one another.

  • The LA Bee Rescue Group hotline is for hobbyists and volunteers only. Charging of any kind other than gas/travel reimbursement of $1/mile is not allowed. Do not follow the group and attempt to turn our calls into your business opportunities. Anyone discovered doing so will be removed from the group.

  • If you are a beekeeper who intends to make a profit or to charge for your services, feel free to apply to be a professional reference on the Backwards Beekeepers referral page. You can email us at beehumans at gmail if you'd like to be listed. Please only apply if you are capturing live bees in your endeavors and not spraying chemicals on them.

  • Please be professional and friendly when representing the group - your actions reflect on all of us.

  • The Backwards Beekeepers, its members and its founders and not liable for any injuries or damage incurred on a bee rescue. Please understand that this is all done on a volunteer basis and at your own risk. Posts to the Bee Rescue group are informational only and not a solicitation of any kind. Always wear protective clothing when approaching or dealing with bees. Do not approach or handle bees without proper instruction and training.

Thanks for helping us change the world! Please send us pictures and stories from your adventures for the blog.

If you are a professional bee rescuer and would like your business listed on the site, email us at beehumans at gmail dot com. Please only apply if you do not spray chemicals on bees and that you practice live removal and relocation. Send us at least two customer references in your email.