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A reader writes:

Hi guys -

As backstory, last year I had a homemade top bar hive with some bees that a friend had given me - didn't know anything about their background/heritage, or what size cell they were making.

This year, I'm getting 2 Langstroth hives, and am going to go foundationless as it appears you folks do. My question is: should I find someone who is selling "small cell bees", or can I get bees from any reputable source, and they'll draw out on their own at an appropriate size?

I'm on the East Coast, so it's probably not as easy as asking you where you get yours. But I want to raise these bees naturally like in my top bar hive, but I'm not sure if a regular package of bees will be prepared for it.

Any thoughts?


Kirk replies:

The Fat Bee Man sells small cell bees. Give him a call.

Don Kuehenmeister
292 Ashley Brook Dr.
Lula GA 30554

(706) 677-3502