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Bruce writes:


I'm a first year beekeeper in Kentucky and I've been reading your blog all spring and really enjoying it. I've looked at some of the trap outs you've been doing and I am now in the position to try one of my own. Bees, about 6 years ago, moved into cinderblocks behind bricks high up on a church. They apparently swarm twice a year and I tried and failed to capture a swarm a few days ago. They showed me where the parent colony lives and basically said I could try to get them out of the blocks or they would finally call the exterminator. I can't take the blocks apart, on the other side is a nice ornamental sign and bricks.

I've read about the method of taking a nuc with a queen in it up by the entrance and use a trapout but I don't think they'll let me bring in more bees to get rid of bees. So I'm thinking about setting up a trapout on the entrance with a tube connected to a box below it and going up every few days, switching for an empty box (expect for a few frames) and combining the bees I get with a smaller split I have using the newspaper method.

Any thoughts or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


The Local Whale

Kirkobeeo responds:

For more information about trap-outs, by the way, see this post.