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My name is Brock and I'm a newly emerging organic farmer in south Louisiana. I just wanted to touch base with you and and thank you for getting some great info on the internet. It was especially your starter strip video on YouTube that well illustrated a fundamental aspect of natural beekeeping. When I first started keeping bees earlier this year the only guidance I had was from old timers in the area who were trying to lead me astray. When I mentioned foundationless beekeeping to an experienced keeper he said "whoever said that doesn't know sheep shit from shinola about keeping bees."

Anyway I now have 5 hives, 3 of which I foolishly bought from bee breeders, I caught one swarm (not from my hives) which seemingly sought me out and landed on a tree I recently planted. My 5th hive came from a swarm coming from a very old bed and breakfast. The owners said the hive has been there for at least 104 years!!

I still needs lots of info Kirk, I'd love to see you put a video up about how to respectfully harvest honey. One thing sheep shit from shinola guy said is that a foundationless frame would never hold up in an extractor, is that true? I'd also like to respectfully collect pollen as well. I hear pollen traps are harmful to bees by knocking off legs and wings. A video or blog about how to produce comb honey would be great as well.

Well you've got yourself a new backwards beekeeper who's spreading the gospel in Louisiana.

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Brock, thanks for your great e-mail. Send photos when you can!