Workshop: Planting For Pollinators

California Buckwheat, a bee favorite.

Mark H. writes:

Want to keep your bees happy while improving your yard by planting drought-tolerant California natives?

Check out:

Planting For Pollinators
California Native plants for Beekeepers
Saturday, March 3, 10AM at the Theodore Payne Foundation

Lisa Novick, Educational Director for the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants, will be giving a two-hour presentation tailored to the needs of local beekeepers. She'll discuss plants suited to differing microclimates and soil conditions, how to plant to maintain bee-forage bloom year-round, and will give a tour of the nursery to see examples of bee-friendly plants, both potted and full-grown on the site.

And of course you can purchase plants/seeds afterward!

—We'll need a donation to TPF of around 3 or 4 dollars, depending on the number of attendees.
—Bring a hat, water, and a snack if you like.
—The Foundation asks you to not wear open-toed shoes.
—Since parking in the nursery is limited, we need to park along the street and walk in via the driveway…carpool if at all possible!

RSVP to markmotion(at)yahoo(dot)com to attend.

Theodore Payne Foundation
10459 Tuxford, Sun Valley
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