Why we do what we do

LA Backwards Beekeeper Summer writes (via our Yahoo group):

Wanted to give a round of applause to MikeBee.

I was at LA Honey today, and this woman was buying equipment. I couldn't help myself - I started talking with her. Her name is Brynn, and she told me how this guy helped her move a hive on her property into a box, and how she's now going to be a beekeeper! She had found him through his ad on Craigslist, and said he was "really good." She was so happy and excited, and got an entire second set of equipment so her grandchildren can come and watch the bees with her when they visit.

I asked who it was that removed the bees and set her up, she said, "Mike something. And he brought a kid with him, to help him learn." After hearing where she found him, I just knew it was Mike Bee.

I told her she should join the BBK Club, and have someone come out and help her inspect her hive, if she wanted. She said, "I really want Mike to come back out, but if he can't, I'd love to have someone else!" She got a Backwards Beekeepers card from the lady at LA Honey, and wants to be a member. :)

I asked Mike about it, and he said, "I had brought a boyscout from Troop 911 pack 550 with me, as I mentor different scouts with each of my 'easy' jobs (so that they can earn a BeeKeeping Badge), and it was a great educational 2 hours for everyone! Brynn was like a child once again, so excited and happy. She took so many pics, hopefully she'll share them with the BBKs."

So - he created a new Backwards Beekeeper, helped a boyscout earn a merit badge, and saved a beehive. All in one shot. Very nicely done!

It's so nice to hear a good story like that, I just had to share.