Bees with a city view

LA Backwards Beekeeper Andrew writes:

I brought these bees to Reed's place in Mt. Washington in the late Summer of last year from Santa Monica. Reed had a custom platform built on a grade in his yard to accommodate the hive.

Essentially, these bees came from two nucs. Both had been struggling for some time so they were combined into one hive.

Reed, a neighbor over here in Mt Washington, was eager to have bees in his yard so a mutual friend made the introduction.

I pretty much left the bess to do their thing over the past 6 months. Reed called me recently to say that there was an immense amount of activity during the day of recent and the bees seemed to be getting slightly aggressive when he got too close to the hive. I knew it was time to take a look inside the hive.

Super Bowl Sunday seemed like a perfect afternoon. When I opened the hive it was absolutely brimming with bees! Almost every frame was completely filled with stores or brood.

I added a shallow super and within minutes they were already migrating up there. They must have felt cramped down below. I will be adding another shallow super in the next couple of weeks.

Will keep you posted on progress...


All photos by Reed Davis.