Swarm rescue at Home Depot

LA Backwards Beekeeper Max writes on her blog:
...our neighbor Noel knocked on our door.

Noel had just come from Home Depot where he’d spotted a swarm of bees in a tree in the parking lot. We jumped in the car and drove down to Home Depot, hoping the bees hadn’t already moved…or been sprayed down with some toxic chemical.

We found the football-sized swarm in the tree as described. I hope these bees are handy and can fix stuff around the house. It will be a drag if this swarm just stopped by Home Depot to shop for ugly ceiling fans.

We borrowed a step ladder from the store (so handy) and were just plotting the best method of shaking the bees into our cardboard box, when another neighbor, Evan, happened to walk by with his contractor. He nicely volunteered to take photos of us so we could both be in the pictures.

Home Depot Swarm Capture (My Roman Apartment)