Thanks to everyone who is visiting our blog for the first time. We are touched by the kind words we are hearing from all over the world and hope that we can help more people become beekeepers and support their local bee population.

Please take a second to read about our resources below.

The Bee Rescue Hotline is for alerting us about bees you'd like removed in the Los Angeles area. Please do not leave us a message asking for beekeeping advice or requesting a hive. We are not currently set up to respond to bee removal requests outside of LA.

Our Yahoo Discussion Group is a great place to ask questions, request bees or share your experience.

Educational (and entertaining) videos are available on our Backwards Beekeepers TV section and can likely help you get started. You may want to also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

• We are also going to try and set up some guidelines for setting up your own Backwards Beekeepers group in your area. We have done a couple of Skype conferences and will plan more based on demand.

• We are in the process of compiling like-minded organizations in other areas...please stay tuned for that.

Our email address starts with beehumans and ends with gmail.com. If you are looking for general beekeeping advice, the Yahoo Group linked above is probably your best bet for a quicker response.

More to come!