Marcia's first swarm

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:
Marcia saw a post from the Bee Rescue Hotline about a swarm in South Pasadena right in her neighborhood so she claimed it right away. We met out there after she had dinner and finished up homework with her kids. She brought her son, Colin, who is very interested in beekeeping.

Marcia had already done a cutout so knew what she was doing. I came along for moral support since it was her first swarm.

The call came from the happy homeowner and she gladly posed with the bees. When she was young she saw her "fearless" grandmother work with bees so she wanted them rescued when they swarmed to a bush.

Marcia and I cut a few branches and voila, they were in the box and ready to go home and be transferred to a hive box. Hope they decide to stay.