Viewer mail

Kurt in Arizona writes:
I am so grateful for the support you have given to aspiring beekeepers. I have learned more from your website and example than any book or other source. Beekeeping goes way back in my life history. I have never kept bees, but have always had the aspiration. When I was very young, my grandfather raised bees on his ranch and he helped me developed a great love and appreciation for them. One of my many great memories of him.

I will be moving from Scottsdale, AZ to Malibu, CA this spring and hope to become a committed participant in the Backwards Beekeepers group. Next month, I am going to make an attempt to travel to Tucson for the Natural Beekeeping Symposium / Lusby event. I hope to meet you in person then!

Sincerely, from an aspiring beekeeper,

Kurt K.