Bees from a cut-out for Laura

New Backwards Beekeeper Laura writes about getting her bees via a cut-out in El Segundo; she went along with Backwards Beekeeping mentor Maurice:
Maurice was great at tearing apart a platform that housed (hope this is accurate) 10-20,000 bees. First time using a bee vac. It was amazing see them get sucked up and end up unharmed.

We didn't see the queen, but Maurice said they would make a new queen, lots of brood and bees. Will check in a few weeks and see.

Also really cool to see the bees with red-orange pollen on them, haven't seen that before, not sure of the plant that would be from.

So after a couple hours work, I drove to Echo Park with the bees in my car! They seem to be adapting well, will do a real check in a couple weeks.