Roberta unites a swarm with a new beekeeper

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:

I got an email from Liz to let me know that some new bees had moved into her meter box. We had cut out a hive a couple of months ago and now the bees were back. It sounded like a swarm and just perfect for a new beekeeper.

Gwen had let me know that she was going to be ready at a minute's notice so I gave her a call. She came over right after work in her suit and high heels. Sooo LA beekeeping! Luckily she also had her bee suit and a nuc in her trunk. Only her yoga shoes though, also very LA beekeeping.

The bees had only been there a few days but they had already built some new comb. We could see that they were building right onto what was left from the last cutout. It was easy to collect them as we just scooped them into a container and plopped them into her nuc.

Gwen looked pretty happy with her new bees. If they stick around, it will be a great hive by the time summer comes along. Can't wait for the next swarm.

So far for 2011: one cutout, two swarms, 3 new beekeepers!