Foundationless success in Canada

Check out Phillip, who blogs about beekeeping (among other things) from St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada—he's finding success as a Backwards Beekeeper in a place with a very short summer indeed.
The foundationless frames are working. YES! This is what it’s all about it. This was the big moment of truth — and they did it. The bees had no problem building comb from foundationless frames...

Next summer when we can hopefully harvest some honey, we’ll go with foundationless frames for the honey supers too.

That way when the honey is capped and good to go, we’ll just cut the comb right out of the frames and extract it by following the crush-and-strain method.

I’m feeling encouraged by what we’ve seen today. I’d love to be the first successful Backwards Beekeeper in Newfoundland.

Natural Foundationless Comb (Phillip on Mud Songs)