Finishing a cut-out job

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta, working with new beekeeper Julia (above), follows up on her previous post about the Pomegranate bees meeting the wall bees:
I went back to Peter's wall because there were still bees everywhere a week after Patrick and I cut out the hive.

Julia, a senior in high school, wants to become a beekeeper. She is brave, smart and a natural with the bees. It looked like they were higher up in the wall so we took more siding down. There were a whole bunch of bees and what looked like a second hive!

I scooped a whole bunch of bees into a box and pulled out several pieces of comb. There were bees everywhere but in 10 minutes they were all in the box so we knew we had the queen.

After 5 hours they were mostly in the box and by the night every single bee was home. Julia is going to be a great beekeeper and is ready to have her own hive. The bees now have a new home at Penny's.