Viewer mail

Hello, I am writing in regards to the Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. I live in the Los Angeles area. At both at my condo complex in Woodland Hills, and at my workplace in Marina del Rey, I have seen an unusually high number of dead or dying honey bees on the ground... sometimes I'll see a dozen or more dead or dying bees on our complex's tennis court, for example. On the parking lot or near the entrance at work, sometimes I'll see a half dozen writhing on the ground. I just wanted to know if there is an agency or research organization in either of these areas which might appreciate notification?

- Josh

Josh, those bees have most likely been sprayed with a pesticide or otherwise poisoned. City agencies tend to treat any wild bees as dangerous or "Africanized" and follow a policy of kill-on-sight. Unfortunately, many people do the same thing.

Wild bees that are left alone to look after themselves (like the bees kept by members of our group) are thriving and very manageable.