Kirk finds bees and battles ants.

Kirk did so much bee stuff this weekend that I won't even try to summarize it.

Take a listen:

The file box bees:

The gnarly old tree:

Dismantling the tree with the spud bar:

Kirk says:

This is looking inside the void of the tree, the hollow part—I called it the "the top knot."

It was impossible to get them out without a vacuum. I don't like vacuums, so I got a Bright Idea: Put a tarp on the ground with a nuc box on top. I had cut out three frames of brood and two frames of honey from the tree, and I put those in the nuc box.

I picked up the "Top Knot" and slammed it down on the ground next to the nuc box. A big pile of bees fell out and started crawling into the box with the brood and honey frames.

Two hours later, they were ready to go.

The Farmlab bees in their bee moat:

The canola oil ant barrier: