Kirkobeeo: How to make starter strips

Kirk sent this tutorial on how to make starter strips for your bees.

Get a piece of 1x3 pine. Mark a 16 inch length of the strip with a pencil.

Arrange the piece of pine in the sink, let the water run on it while you are getting set up. If the board is wet, this lets the wax release easily and come off the board. Wet the board each time you make a strip.

Get a pot and some clean beeswax. When it is melted, turn off the burner. Try to have the wax as cool as you can. This makes it set faster on the pine board. DON"T OVERHEAT THE WAX—it could catch on fire or be too hot to work with.

Brush the wax on the pine board. Take your time and do multiple coats.

If you lay the board flat it will go on nice and flat.

Peel off the strip with a butter knife or a putty knife. You will see steam come off when you peel. If you are making more, put a piece of pine in the sink again and run water on it.

Now laying the board flat you can take a knife and carefully cut the wax strip in half, making sure you don't hurt yourself.

Now place the wax starter strip in the slot of each frame's top bar. Take your brush and brush some wax into the slot until you have enough to hold the starter strip in place. Be careful with the wax when it is hot.

These wax strips really help the bees draw straight comb. Cardboard strips coated with wax are also very good. Get these ready for spring.

good luck


This video shows an alternate method for making starter strips.