Traveling bees.

Stacy in Hollywood called Kirk to remove some bees.

And where were these bees living? In a suitcase, of course.

This suitcase had apparently been parked on the balcony of Stacy's upstairs neighbor. Upon picking up the suitcase and discovering its contents, this neighbor threw the suitcase to the garden below.

The bees took it in stride.

After Kirk (and new club member Dennis) removed the bees, this same neighbor noticed a good number of returning foragers circling his head and asked, "What am I going to do with all these bees still flying around?"

"Well, you threw their house off the balcony," Kirk answered. "Maybe you should have thought that over first."

This suitcase nuc is now settled in with club members L'Tanya and Curtis, who have given these bees a much more stable environment to call home.