Crushing and Straining in Torrance

This was a honey filled weekend.

Equipment used in this operation was: a 5 gallon bucket/lid filled with honey comb, 5 gallon honeybucket with honey gate, pestle, 18" X 12" cooking pan, flexible cutting board, rubber spatula, 600 micron filter and assorted jars. The honey bucket was purchased at Los Angeles Honey. The filter I bought from Dadant & Sons online for $5. This filter fits right on top of the bucket, and is easily washable and reusable.

I had a lot of fun doing this. The yield was about a gallon and a half or 14lbs of delicious chemical free honey. We don't have any fancy labels or clever name for our honey yet. Although my wife Christine came up with a possible name for Eric's honey "Ramshackle Liquid".

Did I forget to mention that backwards is the new forwards?