Rescuing some Silver Lake bees

Guess which one's the beekeeper.

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:
Lisa called the Bee Rescue Hotline about some bees living in an irrigation control box. Chris met me there because he needed bees for a new hive. We got there just as the sun was setting over Silver Lake Reservoir.

We opened up the irrigation control box and there were a few combs so it wasn't too big—just the right size for a quick cutout. Lisa and her boyfriend watched from a balcony while we worked.

The brood pattern was great. And best of all, the bees were so gentle. They went into a few frames of a deep box and we got almost all the bees as we definitely had the queen.

After last batch of bees were put in the box they started to fan like crazy all pointing in the same direction. They made a roar in the box.

Lisa said that she would tweet about us and spread the word about the Backwards Beekeepers. Thanks, Lisa!