Help save the bees with a BB t-shirt!

The Backwards Beekeepers t-shirt is a great way to show your support for all-natural, chemical-free beekeeping and the survival of the feral honeybee population! Proceeds from sales help to fund the Backwards Beekeepers' bee rescue, educational outreach, and community meetings.

The logo design is by Ron Fleming and Brent Stickels at YYES Design, and the shirts are made by American Apparel in the USA. Screen printing is by Tomas at Grow Your Own Media in Atwater.

The shirts are available in gray or brown and cost $15. US shipping is $5, and international shipping is available too—drop us a line to tell us where you are, and we'll let you know the cost (most parts of Canada, for example, ship for the same price as the US).

These t-shirts are selling out fast, so check the pull-down menu just below to see what's currently in stock. Here's a closer look at the two different colors & logo:

You can get a shirt at most Backwards Beekeeper meetings, or you can order one by clicking the button below.

You'll look good in one!

** Want to save on shipping? Each additional t-shirt you order ships for just $2 more! That means two shirts are just $37, three are $54, and so on. To order multiple shirts this way, e-mail us instead of using the PayPal buttons below. Let us know how many shirts you want (along with sizes and colors), and we'll give you the payment info.

Use the menu below to buy a t-shirt in GRAY or BROWN:
Backwards Beekeepers t-shirts - US shipping only

** See the note just above if you want to buy multiple shirts—save on shipping!