Next meeting: Sunday, November 21st!

Here's the plan for our next Backwards Beekeepers meeting.

When: Sunday, November 21st at 11am
Where: Under Spring outdoor space at Farmlab in downtown L.A.

    Come on down! Everyone is welcome, whether you're a newbee or not.

    There will be lots of hands-on opportunities at this meeting.

    If you have hive components that you haven't put together yet, bring them to the meeting (along with your hammer and nails), and we'll show you how to assemble them.

    Kirk has bought a bunch of chemical-free beeswax from super-beekeeper Dee Lusby, and he'll be demonstrating different methods of making and waxing starter strips. You can apply this wax on the starter strips of your own frames for 25 cents each.

    We'll talk about the mentoring database that Roberta has started on our Yahoo group, and how to get involved with that.

    Kirk will be doing an inspection of Farmlab's two hives, so if you want a close look, bring your protective gear!

    We'll also have Backwards Beekeepers t-shirts for sale—including size XXL! All shirts cost $15.

    It'll be an action-packed day!

    Click here for directions to Farmlab.

    You want to follow the above directions most of the way, but park on Aurora and walk through the alley (under Spring) to the meeting.

    Check out this view to see what it looks like from the street.