Backwards Beekeepers remote mentoring: Hive cut-out strategy

Here's a new feature we're adding to the blog: remote mentoring!

We have readers all over the world, and we know you often have questions about getting started with Backwards Beekeeping or helping your bees thrive without chemicals or any of the other nonsense that has trickled down from commercial beekeeping for the last 20 years or so.

In our first episode, Cristina from Florida gets some guidance from Kirk on how to cut out a hive that moved into a tree-mounted owl house. Cristina's planning to put the bees in a top-bar hive, but Kirk's tips apply just as well to the traditional Langstroth hive as well.

If you live far away from Los Angeles and need some Backwards Beekeeping mentoring, let us know. We'll set up a phone (or preferably Skype audio/video) call, and your session with Kirk will benefit beekeepers everywhere.


Cristina writes:
Well all I can say is no matter how prepared you are... it very quickly turned into complete chaos !!! ... but in a good way...

Bees are in their new home, I think we got most of it in there.

Chris' flight was well delayed and he only got in at 5pm and his brother Jason who built the top-bar hive picked him up and drove him like a bullet in rush hour traffic to get to my house with some light.

by the time we got the owl box down it was dark, but we set up some lights and worked away.

there was so much honey! and the combs were so long, that we cut them in half , unfortunately one of the brood combs dropped to the sandy ground.

but we did get most of it.



Here is a picture of these amazing boys, my husband Pete on the far left, who at the last minute got totally stuck in, and me, having a honey and beer celebration.


You can see more of Cristina's photos here.