Your Bee Rescue Hotline at work: Carson

Steve in Carson called the Bee Rescue Hotline this morning about bees in a shed, and Lawndale Backwards Beekeeper Dennis headed right over—as he explains on his blog:

The shed turned out to be an ancient wooden trailer like they used to haul to construction sites. It is not stable enough for any major deconstruction. It was used by Steve's dad as tool shed and the bees inside had become a concern for Steve when Dad wanted to do a little work now and then.

The bees had full access from an opening on the West side of the building and were very active. They were not aggressive to us but were active. Click on the picture and you can see columns of comb on the right side. Steve did not think the opening was much deeper than the size of the hole and had no idea how far back it went. Apparently in the past bees were at the other end of the shed and had been terminated. That was not the plan for today...

"Max's Work At Work" (The Buzz In The Dale)

As you'll see from Dennis' story, not every bee situation has an easy solution. But it looks like Dennis has helped to make a new beekeeper, and may have found another haven for rescued bees.