Roberta's big tree trap-out

LA Backwards Beekeeper Ruth writes on our Yahoo group:

Roberta took me, Yvonne, and our high school student Julian on a challenging trap out on Saturday. We watched and helped as she expertly directed the flow, and a massive hive of flying bees turned into a controlled movement from tree to box.

Julian is writing his 12th grade term paper on CCD.

By the way, that wooden nuc box is hand made from actual coffin-wood from a cemetery!

Click here to view pictures of the trap-out.


Roberta adds:

This is our team (Yvonne, Ruth and Julian) that came out to take care of this old tree that has had a big hive for over a year.

We set-up the trap out and went back after a week to remove some of the bees. We replaced it with another box with comb and eggs to trap out some more bees. Chris, the homeowner, has alot of respect for bees. He works at Hatfield's Restaurant, where they're well aware of the importance of bees; they even have a chandelier in the shape of the hive.

We got the comb for the trap out from a cut out from a fence hive in Lake Balboa.

Tod there called us because his landlord wanted to exterminate the bees but he and his family wanted to save them. His son was ready to get in there and give them a "good home." Pieces of honey filled comb came off with the fence. In the end the neighbor on the other side of the tree really loved the bees so we left some for him. Hopefully not so many as to upset the landlord.