Mother Nature Network covers a Backwards Beekeepers meeting

Rachel Whitman, who blogs for Mother Nature Network, attended our meeting last Sunday and writes about the experience:

I'm completely intrigued with the Backwards Beekeepers group and what the people in it are sharing. Though we live in a highly developed, urban, fast-paced environment, we're all choosing to make a connection with nature. A connection strong enough to drag us all out of bed this past Sunday morning and to a fantastic meeting space called Farmlab, situated under a bridge in downtown Los Angeles.

Kirk Anderson presided over what I understand is a monthly gathering of hive keepers and people interested in becoming bee patrons (like myself). The setting was oddly appropriate — unmistakably urban but with a clear desire for some wilderness and nature...

The meeting got rolling right away, with people sharing stories about hive issues and seeking advice or, more plainly, help. In each case, Kirk asks questions to troubleshoot the problem, and gives opinions about possible remedial action. As always, his descriptions and views are colorful and practical.

My first Backwards Beekeepers meeting (Rachel Whitman on Mother Nature Network)