Bee Rescue Dream Team

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:
I found Robin through Craiglist. She wanted a rooftop beehive rescued in Commerce. Little did she know that she would get the dream team of bee rescuers. Vincent, Maurice and Ruth met me early Sun morning to do the cutout, supposedly in the wall of a warehouse.

When we got there we found it was actually in the facade of the roof line! Well I would have done a trap out if on my own but with Vincent and Maurice, power tools were pulled out and Maurice got right in there.

The hive was compact with many layers. There was honey everywhere. The brood looked OK. The bees were gentle and didn't seem to mind that we were invading their space.

I brought a bunch of bees over to Will and then we waited for the rest of the bees to come back. Unfortunately when I got back, ants had overrun the box of brood and the bees were gone. Wish I had taken the rest of the bees and run.