Warning Bee Emergency - Big Hive Tips Over in Rainstorm

Kirk says:

I got a call from Glenn this afternoon. My Big Hive had tipped over.

Pic #1: Upside down Bees = Pissed Off Bees.

Pic #2: Mad Bees on me.

Pic #3: You can see one of the trees that feel over during the storm, and the beehive upright again.

Pic #4 some of the bee stings in my Pants.

I had to rush over and set them back up. I had the wrong shoes on, the wrong color pants, plus they were very mad. I just picked them up and put them together...not much else you can do.

I had this happen in 1969 at my mother's house. That time I got stung on the top of my head. I remember coming to my senses laying on the back lawn and my dad screaming out through the screen door "you dumb @#%^%%$#^%^^"...it went better this time. If this happens to you be prepared for the worst.


Watch for falling debris, beekeepers.